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Mattress Cleaning | Fayetteville NC | 910-578-4088There is one place in the home where the most consecutive hours are spent and that is asleep on the bedroom mattress. A body needs rejuvenating and sleep allows cells to heal and strengthen for the next day’s events. But that mattress contains some extremely dangerous elements that have accumulated over time.

Dirt and grit are not the only contaminants that soil mattresses. Dust mites are microscopic inhabitants of bedding that cannot be removed by normal vacuuming and dusting. They survive on dead skin cells that everyone normally sheds each day and a mattress contains a sufficient supply of this food to maintain a large population. Dust mites secrete an allergen in their feces that causes respiratory illnesses to people who are allergic. It is important to completely remove dust mites to halt their reproduction and the re-infesting of bedding.

Bed bugs are another mattress invader that feeds on human blood. Their bites leave itchy welts on the skin and their fecal droppings of tiny dark spots can be seen on sheets, mattresses and box springs. They can be spotted visually, but come out primarily at night when you are asleep.

Dust mites and bed bugs are hard to eliminate completely by the homeowner. BeClean Carpet Cleaning is the professional cleaner who has the expertise to make sure your mattresses are free of these health hazards. We incorporate the latest technology in cleaning equipment and products to provide a complete, safe cleaning of mattresses and box springs.

Your family’s health is important to you and that is why BeClean Carpet Cleaning will make sure your mattresses are a healthy place to sleep.

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